We Love Our Volunteers

All volunteers will receive: Free entry, 1 meal per shift, 1 drink per shift, bottled water during shift.

Positions available:

Entry Booth: Check I.D. and issue a band for those over 21. Work with cash to make change. Give out appropriate ticket so we can keep track of attendance. May require the use of a square reader, but ATM machines will be available on the grounds.

Soda/Water booth: Must work with cash to sell cold water and soda only. Keep an eye on inventory so you don't run out.

Beer Booth: Work in one of several positions. Pour beer from our beer truck, handle the money for the sale of the beer, also selling wine, and shots.

Kids Area: Mostly a sitting position. Supervise the bounce castle to make sure there aren't too many kids in there at once. There is no cash in this position.

If you would like to volunteer, you need to click on our Volunteer Form.

If you have questions, please contact us.


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