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Halau! Halau! Halau!! Welcome to the Fasching, Karnival, Mardi Gras night at the T.E.V. Edelweiss and the Denver Kickers

We welcome you to a night of crazy fun as we celebrate all of Fasching in just one single night. Here's the deal. Choose a category and come dressed up. We will have a costume contest for kids and a separate one for adults.

Kappenabend: Crazy Hats! Wear your funny, silly or crazy hat to show off.

Weiberfastnacht: Normally, "Ladies Night" Men will dress as women in their best dress and high heals. If you aren't afraid to show your legs, come in your short skirt and stilettos.

Maskenball: Who doesn't love to dress in costume. Come dressed up as your favorite super hero, cartoon, or something silly we offer prizes for people with the best costumes for adults, while we will have a separate judging for the kiddos.

So this is the night that anything goes. Come out, have fun, and let's throw a party like never before!


T.E.V. Edelweiss Club, Morrison, CO

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