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About the T.E.V. Edelweiss Club

The Trachten Erhaltungs Verein Edelweiss (T.E.V. Edelweiss) Club was founded in 1958 to preserve the customs and traditions of Germany. The club also provides a means for German immigrants and German Americans to gather to share in those traditions and further friendships with the United States and Germany. We uphold customs with our many activity groups: Karneval, Schützen, Schuhplattler, Top of the Hill, Volkstanz, Skier, and Sprechen Sie Deutsch Gruppen.

Our beautiful club house, located in Morrison, Colorado, hosts many activities all year round. We do rent our club house and property for your private parties, graduation, birthday parties, family reunions, and many other private events. For more information on our rentals, please visit our rental section.

As a social club, we normanlly hold monthly events for all our members. The dances and special events can be found on our events calendar. Please check back often as the calendar is subject to change.

The T.E.V. Edelweiss Club has many groups within the Verein. The Schuhplattlers and Volkstanzgruppe are two groups that continue to perform and teach traditional German dances and music. Each group normally meets once a week.

The Volkstanzgruppe was founded to keep the customs of German dances alive. Not just the dances from Germany, but German speaking regions of Europe as well. While our group is currently taking a break from practicing, we are looking to get back to dancing soon. If you would like to know more about our group, or if you want to dance, please visit our group page for more information.

The Edelweiss Karnevals Gesellschaft (Karneval Gruppe) is a group that celebrates the German Pre-Lenten celebration of Karneval (Fasching/Mardi-Gras), that encourages people to let loose in a party-like atmosphere for merriment and entertainment through masquerade, song, dance, joke telling and other festivities. The Karneval opening is celebrated the first Saturday after November 11th and throughout January and February until Ash Wednesday.

The Schützengruppe normally meets once a month to practice their shooting skills and compete for scores. A Schützenkönig (King) and a Schützenkönigen (Queen) are crowned in November at the Schützenball.

The Top of the Hill Gruppe is the senior group in the club. We like to eat, drink and be merry. We meet once a month to catch up on recent events, relive the good ol' days and meet any new seniors that wonder into our group. We meet every month, even in the winter, as long as it is not snowing. Check our calendar for meetings, and if it is snowing, please stay home.

The Skiers Gruppe meets on the slopes every winter. The more snow there is, the better! When the slopes are closed, we stay fit with mountaineering and biking.

The Sprechen Sie Deutsch Gruppe meets every Saturday, regardless of rain or snow or floods. We meet no matter what. Come and improve your German speaking skills, tell some funny stories, hear some funny stories, speak German (or Englisch). We are a frendly bunch.

Occasionally, a member passes away. You can get information about their services on our obituaries page.


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